“We are two different people but we vibe perfectly” – Ghanaian co-wives married the same day reveals the bond they share

  • Adepa and Deejah Houston, Ghanaian co-wives who married on the same day, have shared how they formed a unique bond and friendship.
  • The trio got married late last year, and Adepa shared on Facebook how their rivalry evolved into friendship and sisterhood.

Adepa and Deejah Houston, two co-wives from Ghana who got married to their husbandthe same day, have talked about how their friendship and special bond developed.

Late last year, the trio tied the knot.

Adepa recalled on how their rivalry grew into friendship and sisterhood in a Facebook post on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

She wrote, “We met as rivals but with the same goals, we found friendship and sisterhood. And now she’s my twinny with the help of our lovely husband, Michael Houston. God bless our home and keep us safe. The Houston twins.”

On Deejay’s part, she wrote; “We’ve got our own crown and lifestyle. We are two different people all together but we vibe perfectly. We have our differences we talk, apologize, correct each other and move on,”

Their husband left the following comment on one of their posts: “Relationship without fights is fake, i like how far you two have grown, how you work out your problems without my input anymore, i couldn’t be more proud, you both are the reason our blessings has increased exponentially these days. God with us and we will achieve more, May this peace of the lord remain in our union and generation forever, Amen. I love you my wives.”

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