“Why Do Men Leave a Good Woman That Cheated Out of Mistake” – Lady Asks a Serious Question to Men

A Nigerian woman doubts men’s decision to abandon their relationship with a decent woman because she accidentally cheated.

She turned to her Tiktok profile, @jaysongsicon2, to share her opinions after making the observation.

According to her, it is improper for a man to split or end his relationship with a lady over a little infidelity that can be quickly remedied with an apology.

The lady believes that is a regular occurrence, and it is terrible to want to stop things with a wonderful woman based on a minor error that all people make.

She maintains that finding a decent lady after splitting up will be difficult, thus it is best for the man to forgive her and prolong their relationship.

Watch video here

Reacting to the post;

@£$Cash$Money$£💵💷 opined: “buh cheating is not a mistake… women are emotional beings and she only allow a guy she has emotions for to rock her world..So it’s never mistake.”

@callme_khadie stated: “You see how rid!culous she sounds right?, that’s how it is when you guys say this sh!t too, don’t dish out what you can’t take !”

@Joy_hora_ said: “Instead these men to go to the prayer room and intercede on behalf of their cheating partners, they are getting angry or trying to break up 🤦what happened to prayer?”

@Festus Chaser noted: “You enter bike or bolt go lodge Still pay tfair and you say mistake”

@Ohiokede Nouil asked: “please what do you mean by mistakenly cheated ???”

@Adesina Emmanuel commented: “naso I forgive her the first time. before I know, I don forgive her 6 times and you still say make I forgive lol”

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