“Abeg forgive am” – Mother organizes concert with bell and microphone for daughter who refused to let her sleep at night

  • A mother organizes a makeshift concert for her daughter who struggles with sleep after being kept awake all night.
  • She claimed to have hosted a fake concert in retaliation for her baby’s refusal to allow her to sleep at night.
  • She explained that she had provided her with all the necessary sleep, but the child refused to sleep.

Mother organizes a makeshift concert for her young daughter, who battled to sleep in the morning after staying awake all night.

The mother, @wow_me_by_succy, posted it to the video sharing app Tiktok.

She claimed she was organizing the fake concert in retribution for her baby’s refusal to let her sleep at night.

She stated that she had fed her and given her everything she could possible need to sleep, but the young child refused.

Early that morning, as her daughter tried to sleep, she carried her bell and microphone to ensure her girl remained wide awake and sleep deprived like her.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@Teddy of ph said: “Best mother award of the year goes to you take ur award ”

@Sheba begged: “Abeg forgive am omode lo n se”

@ONLINE STORE IN WARRI stated: “I can’t believe we are the new parents ”

@AbenaSellasie stated: “We no go allow them treat us like we did our mothers motherhood is now sweet oo”

@Sosathe1st commented: “Oghosa go ask God why e give am this kind mama”

@AMARA reacted: “this out generation of motherhood nawa ooo”

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