Education Deteriorating In Nigeria -By Halima Shedu

The educational sector is very crucial in any nation that is aspiring to be a top notch in development and infrastructure, the Nigeria education is depreciating downgraded due to nonchalant attitudes towards the educational sector. It is disheartening when education seem not to be considered the future of upcoming younger generations and even generations yet unborn where by the representative in educational sector pay adamant ear to upliftment of the education, you will be pondering and wondering how a commissioner of education will care not to take adequate supervision and monitoring of schools around the globe but only to syphon public funds allotted for building of schools and scholarship within his power.

The idea of visiting orphanage home and picks some of the children to school and sponsoring them will help in building Nigeria we dreams of, this set of people lost their parent who are to be responsible for their sound education, life desired but unfortunately lost their parents at a very tender age and life became haggard and hardest way to live and survive.

The federal government should also take a good measure in decision making or the ideal situation of fuel subsidy removal and increment of dollar has made many students drop from school because 60% of the Nigeria students Carter for themselves, who embark on casual job before taking step back to school it’s not easy to pay tuition fee, accommodation, feeding and other basic needs that student may encounter during his/her stay in the campus.

This pressing issue has made some students to engage themselves in criminality, drugs, and even hooliganism because the frustration of life has pave way for them to venture into social vices that will make them end up in withdrawing from academic environment.

The Nigeria government should as well encourage the idea of scholarship to the less privileged people who are hungry to acquire Western education but there’s no means to acquire it, through the effort of government this can be achieved, also skill acquisition should be a priority of federal government to make it available for citizens who are so much interested to be independent, because the moment someone is being engaged there’s no way he/she will think of social vices when he understands that after acquiring knowledge he can stand on his feet to Carter for his needs and also extend the helping hands to the young generation.

You will come to understand that most of the government secondary schools in some areas has nothing to write home about, the building is being destroyed and there’s no trained and skilled teachers to groomed the students this has affected the upcoming students who have zeal to be a science students but no equipped teachers and tools, in fact some schools don’t have laboratory where those students can have a basic knowledge of science, the state house of assembly, senates, and State governor’s should work hand in hands to make sure the school is being put in place in an accommodative manner.

The ministry of education both at the federal and states level has a lot to look into if truly their service is not to have a questionable and undiluted graduates in the country, the private schools has taking over at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary institutions whereby a school will be established by a prominent set of persons in the society with a huge amount of tuition fee, accommodation, and other facilities to be paid for and knew that the poor masses children lack resources it takes to attend such schools. they say” children are leaders of tomorrow” but by indication tomorrow is not sure or genuine for the children we claimed they are leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, the ministry of education at all level should assiduously have a set back to restructure the educational system of our dear country.

Taking it to higher institution it has been messed up whereby the mode of recruitment should be based on qualification not by political share and zoning This has eating up almost every higher institution in Nigeria whereby a lecturer don’t have anything to offer to the students rather frustrating the female students by asking them out thinking he can do everything at his will because he is a course lecturer, adequate supervision and monitoring should be adhere in Nigeria educational sector to acquire the goal ahead of us.
As they say “education is the key to success” but it has to be activated by a lot of effort from the ministry of Education at all level through federal government and individuals at large.

Halima Shedu writes from Mass communication department Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi and can be reached Via Gmail

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