“I Can’t Be Dating Agbero Ooo” – Nigerian Man Dumps Girlfriend Over Seyi Vibez’s Music Lyrics

A Nigerian woman named Amina has revealed how her beloved lover left their relationship over Nigerian artist Seyi Vibez’s song lyrics, prompting internet debate.

Taking on TikTok under the account @meenart806, she expressed amazement, uploading a message indicating that her partner had broken up with her because her favourite musician is Seyi Vibez.

Seyi Vibez is undeniably one of the most likeable musicians in the entertainment world, thanks to his distinct musical style. He is the creator of top-charting songs such as Karma, Shazam, and Bullion Van.

However, the young lady’s beau is not pleased when he discovers she is a die-hard follower of the ‘Chance’ crooner.

In the post captioned ‘How I lost my relationship, ‘the lady shared the WhatsApp chat she had with her now ex-boyfriend, where he made it clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

He explained that he couldn’t be with someone whose favorite artist is Seyi. He also added that she sings the singer’s songs like they’re incantations, something he really dislikes.

Meanwhile, the lady pushed further, asking if it was a joke as he had earlier promised not to break up with her, but he maintained his ground and insisted on a breakup.

Her post quickly went viral online as social media users shared their thoughts via comments section.

Checkout the screenshots below:

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