“I don’t think this thing na cruise again” – Netizens drags Odumeje as he dresses like Catholic priest, carries Eucharist

  • Indaboski, a controversial prophet, has faced criticism for a video he posted in which he dressed and acted like a Catholic priest.
  • The online clip depicts Odumeje wearing a Catholic Priest’s robe in a church.
  • The individual was observed holding the Eucharist, resembling the rituals of a Priest, while soft music played in the background.

Chukwuemeka Odumeje, aka Indaboski, a controversial prophet, has come under fire for a video in which he dresses and acts like a Catholic priest.

The video, which is making the rounds online, shows Odumeje fully dressed in a Catholic priest’s robe inside what appears to be a church.

He was shown holding the Eucharist while he mimicked the ways of a priest, with soothing music playing in the background.

The video went viral online, prompting significant comments from social media users. The majority of cybernauts denounced Odumeje’s actions.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@One @ladyque_1 wrote: “No respect for the blessed sacrament… this is annoying to watch .”

@__bee_starh wrote: “Might be cruise to y’all but dude needs to be in Rehab.”

@director_martins wrote: “I understand Odumeje is trying to be funny, but this is extreme. This is an insult to the Catholic Church. Odumeje everything isn’t comedy bro.”

@cee_cee_why wrote: “Na where he Dey collect him “sanctus sanitoria” power from. E collect am for blessed sacrament hand.”

@sir_efex wrote: “He will understand why this is called the HOLY EUCHARIST…. He sure will …. Soon and very soon.”

@xan_draa wrote: “The moment y’all realised that this man is a comedian not a pastorr, nothing he does will surprise you anymore.”

@luchyclaire30 wrote: “We don overhype am too much , e don de over do am , why use blessed sacrament na ?”

@blueskyc006 wrote: “No one has monopoly of madness ride on odumeje. Let the world know this stuff is BS. There is nothing special about it.”

@__harbiodun wrote: “I don’t think this thing Na cruise again. Na permanent behavior”

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