Moment Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku, Finally Gets Healed by Pastor Paul Enenche in Dunamis Abuja

Hanks Anuku, a veteran Nollywood actor, receives healing from a respected preacher, Pastor Paul Enenche, during a powerful ministration on Easter Eve.

Hanks Anuku was believed to have visited the Glory Dome at Dunamis Church in Abuja for the first time with a seriously damaged right arm and shoulder.

His arm was injured in a power bike accident two years ago, and he has been unable to use his right arm entirely since.

During Pastor Paul Enenche’s declarations and announcements, the healing power of God touched Anuku where he was seated, relieving him of his discomfort and and restoring full use of his right arm.

The actor gave testimony at the podium while effortlessly moving the arm following his deliverance.

The video has since sparked a wave pf reaction from social media users who testified to the glory of God while others termed the miracle as a fake.

Watch the video below …

Hanks Anuku came into the Glory Dome last night for the first time, with a badly injured right arm & shoulder.

The arm was injured from a power bike accident 2 years ago, & for 2 years, he had not been able to properly make use of his right arm.

As God’s servant was ministering & making declarations last night, the healing power of God located him where he was sitting, & healed him of the pain with the full use of his right arm restored.

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