Moroccan Lady Set Her Chinese Boyfriend’s House on Fire in Lagos

On Saturday, March 30, officers from the Lagos State Police Command detained a Moroccan woman named Asmaa, 21, for allegedly setting her 41-year-old Chinese boyfriend, Xunxue’s house in Oregun, Ikeja on fire on Saturday, March 30.

The police were called when a fire was discovered in a building located on an estate in the vicinity. According to preliminary investigations, Asmaa and Xunxue had an argument, and in fury, she reportedly set fire to the house while her boyfriend and two other people were still inside.

When questioned, Asmaa said that Xunxue brought her to Nigeria and had kept her locked up in his home for six months. She stated all he wants to do is sleep with her and not let her work.

‘’He used me for six months and doesn’t want to do any visa for me. He doesn’t want me to work or do anything that can get me money. He just wants me to sit at home. If I tell him to buy me a ticket, he would say no. He just wants me to sit at home, fuck free for six months. Sit at home and wait for him to come back from work” a disappointed Asma said

Asmaa said she set the house on fire because she wanted to kill herself as she was frustrated by Xunxue’s actions.

 Thankfully no life was lost in the incident. The suspect is currently in police custody alongside other parties in the incident.

Watch videos of the couple explaining what happened below

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