NAFDAC seals unregistered water-packaging companies in Ogun state 

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has sealed two unregistered water-packaging companies operating without approval in Ota, Ogun State. 

Mr. Philip Benu, the State Coordinator of NAFDAC, Ogun 2 Office, Ota, disclosed this to newsmen today following a targeted enforcement operation. The companies were found to violate NAFDAC’s registration requirements. 

The sealing of unregistered water packaging companies  

The raid was conducted as part of routine inspections by regulatory officers from the Ogun 2 office in Ota. 

  • According to Benu, the facilities of the two companies were sealed with NAFDAC seals, and the companies were summoned to the NAFDAC office for further scrutiny after being discovered to be operating without approval earlier in the year. 
  • Despite being allowed to cooperate, both companies failed to respond to NAFDAC’s invitations and even removed the seals placed on their premises, indicating their non-compliance with regulatory directives. 
  • Benu highlighted that the companies resumed production using fake NAFDAC registration numbers in unhygienic conditions, a violation of health and safety standards.  
  • He emphasized that compliance with NAFDAC regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of packaged products. 
  • He further explained that obtaining a NAFDAC number requires meeting specific facility requirements and passing laboratory tests conducted by NAFDAC.  
  • However, some producers circumvent these regulations by operating in substandard facilities without proper approval. 

As a consequence of their actions, both companies have been prohibited from further production, and their production machinery has been confiscated by NAFDAC.  

Benu reiterated that such enforcement efforts would continue, urging illegal producers to register with NAFDAC to avoid legal repercussions. 

NAFDAC remains vigilant, with ongoing surveillance to apprehend illegal producers operating without NAFDAC approval.  

Benu warned that those caught engaging in such practices would face legal consequences, underscoring NAFDAC’s commitment to upholding regulatory standards and safeguarding public health. 

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