Next of kin uses late father’s bank details to take multiple loans, set to ‘japa’ with N60m

A next of kin has exploited his late father’s bank information to fund his ‘japa.’

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@yabaleftonline published the man’s anonymous comment on X, sparking widespread outrage among netizens.

According to the next of kin, he sought for various government loans using his late father’s bank information and received them, totaling N60 million.

He stated the money will be used to help him and his siblings flee the country. His message reads:

“My popcy died and I was the next of kin…I used his banking details and applied for multiple government loans. I have 60 mill for me and my siblings now, we will all japa with that money, I am leaving none of them behind.”

People split over the youth  young man’s move 

@holeyhabit said: “Japa to Sapa. “Better invest here and start a good life for you and your siblings.”

@King_Shunal said: “Run and never think of paying that loan back. The government has helped you.”

@DivineAlfred5 said: “How’s that possible to apply for loan without a property or something they can hold on to?”

@God_is_great_99 said: “If you like make you sell hin corpse, nah una Sabi how hin take treat una when he dey alive.”

@Chuc__kki said: “If the Nigerian government wants you back home sha, na one hand. Na the japa country go helpe dem arrest you carry go Nigerian embassy.”

@Just_Oma_ said: “Sharp guyyyy.”

@_Oluwanifemii said: “Omo!!! But won’t they find him? “But even at that he should find a plan B oo.”

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