The Disheartening Political Sphere Of Nigeria -By Victoria John

Nigeria’s political sphere has been marred by corruption, nepotism, and a lack of accountability. Political leaders have failed to provide the necessary leadership and governance needed to drive development, promote the rule of law, and enhance the general welfare of the populace. Some of the key issues undermining the country’s political sphere include:

Corruption: Corruption is endemic in Nigeria’s political landscape, and it has eroded public trust and made it difficult for the government to deliver essential services. Some political leaders have embezzled public funds, enriched themselves through dubious means, and awarded contracts to cronies and relatives.

Nepotism: Many political appointments are based on ethnicity and political affiliations rather than merit. This has hampered the country’s ability to attract and retain the best talent, resulting in inefficiencies, underperformance, and ineffectiveness.

Lack of accountability: Political leaders are often not held accountable for their actions and decisions. There is a lack of transparency in government affairs, and public officials are shielded from prosecution for misconduct and malfeasance, fueling impunity.

Electoral malpractices: Electoral malpractices have become a fixture in Nigeria’s political landscape, with allegations of vote rigging, ballot box snatching, and manipulation of the electoral process being common. This has resulted in contested elections and undermined democracy.

Regionalism: There is a high level of regionalism and tribalism in Nigeria’s political sphere, with some groups marginalizing others and pursuing their interests at the expense of the country’s unity.

Overall, these factors have resulted in weak institutions, undermined democratic principles, and made it difficult for Nigeria to sustainably address its numerous challenges. There is a need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to address these issues and promote good governance, transparency, and accountability in the Nigerian political sphere.

Victoria John writes from Mass communication department Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi and can be reached via

Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi
Department of mass communication
By Victoria John

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