12:30 Report — Trump seethes from the defendant’s seat

The biggest takeaway from Day 1: Jury selection will be difficult. Roughly half of the 96 potential jurors were dismissed Monday because they said they could not be impartial. Everyone in the world already has an opinion of Trump, so it makes sense that it will be hard. A dozen jurors and six alternates are needed.


The buzziest headline from Day 1: The New York Times’s Maggie Haberman noticed that Trump may have fallen asleep during Monday’s proceedings. “His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack,” Haberman posted. She then said he “jolted back awake.” Read her observations


^Omg, I wish I could have seen this: The pool reporter noticed that when Trump exited, he glared at Haberman after she reported that he dozed off. Haberman noticed it, too, and described it on CNN as “a pretty specific stare” at her. 👀


Maybe he needs to up his Diet Coke intake from 12 to 13…


The biggest news from Day 1: The judge rejected Trump’s request to attend the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on his presidential immunity case on April 25.


Check out the courtroom sketches: Here’s one. And here’s another.


Tidbit — Speaking of it being hard to find impartial jurors: The Associated Press described a few of the potential jurors. (H/t to The Hill’s Niall Stanage)


The first: “[A] married Upper West Side resident with a master’s degree who has worked for the New York City government for 20 years, enjoys cooking and the arts, and gets news from The New York Times, CNN and Google.”


The second: “[A] married West Harlem resident who works in sales, has some college education, enjoys the outdoors, and has a news diet that includes The New York Times, Daily Mail, Fox News and some MSNBC.”


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