Abroad-based man impressed over house brother helped him build while sending money

  • A Ghanaian man is astonished by the magnificent house his younger brother, Ridwan, helped him build and furnish while he was abroad sending money.
  • Rashid, while living abroad, regularly sent money to his younger sibling to assist in building a house in their homeland.
  • Rashid, upon his return to Ghana with his wife and children, was pleasantly surprised to find a massive house that exceeded his wildest expectations.

A Ghanaian man is completely astonished with the lovely house that his younger brother, Ridwan, helped him build and furnish while he was overseas sending money.

Rashid sends money to his younger sibling on a monthly basis while living overseas to help in build a house in their home country.

Rashid was pleasantly surprised when he returned to Ghana with his wife and children to find a massive mansion that much exceeded his wildest hopes.

“The first time we got to see in person the home we built in Ghana, West Africa! My husband Rashid, thanked my junior husband Ridwan for representing us in Ghana as we built. Mind blowing tour,” Rashid’s wife captioned the video.

Ridwan has earned great praise for his integrity, distinguishing him from many other siblings who frequently misuse similar funds for personal advantage.

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Reacting to the post…

@Annalise’s prodigy 88 said: “This is truly a Ridwan appreciation post because as Africans, we know what happens when you send money home for projects. Blessings upon Ridwan.”

@OseiKwakuBoamah penned: “Ridwan can start a construction firm with this experience. He can use the people that constructed building to form a team.”

@MR. PHLOW stated: “We should hand over Ghana to Ridwan cos he’s trust worthy.”

@RawWear noted: “How many people in Ghana wish they could find someone trustworthy as ridwan.”

@Tala Appiah reacted: “You are blessed with a good family – some of us come from families that we can’t even trust them with carbon dioxide.”

@Gabriela noted: “Wait a second! You send money to someone to built you a home and it actually happenend?! Does he want to go to Mexico to build me a home?”

@chika Bonita said: “so proud of your bro in-law everyone needs Ridwan in his or her Family. God bless you Ridwan.”

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