Actor, Dave Ogbeni, Recounts Last Encounter with His Bestie, Junior Pope, Reveals He’s Having Marital Crisis

Popular actor Dave Ogbeni recalls how Junior Pope wanted to tell the world about a problem that was plaguing him before his tragic death.

The Nollywood actor recounted that before the sad occurrence, while they were conversing over a couple of bottles of wine, Junior Pope informed him that he wanted to bring up a problem that had been slowly killing him within.

According to him, Junior Pope wanted to go public and inform blogs about the situation, but he had prevented him from doing so.

Dave Ogbeni remarked that he will be the one to relate the narrative when it is appropriate.

He wrote:

“On the Day before the boat incident, Jnr Pope and I were drinking together after watching Arsenal/ Bayern Munich match, He said Dave I think it’s time I told the bloggers my story. I said Bro, it hasn’t gotten to that, we can settle this without the world knowing. He looked me in the eyes and said what do you mean, since December? I’m dying gradually and you’re telling me not to tell the world? If I d!e you will be the one to tell the world my story then and He D!ed the next Day. When it is time, I will speak for the world to hear”.

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