Allen Onyema spotted leading passengers to a flight days after crashing Lagos to London price ticket from N9M-N900K

Allen Onyema, the CEO of the well-known Nigerian airline Air Peace, has started receiving praises from Nigerians after a recent video of him surfaced online.

Airpeace Airline has received accolades both domestically and internationally when it began its London-Lagos flight service, and that was only the beginning.

The cost of London-Lagos, which was reduced from N9 million to N900,000 by Air Peace CEO Allen Onyema since the operation began, has been a topic of discussion online.

This development by Air Peace Airlines also prompted other international airlines in the country to lower their London-Lagos fares.

In the new video, Allen Ifechukwu Onyema, with an estimated net worth of $3 billion shows how humble he is in the new clip. The billionaire is spotted personally leading passengers onto an Air peace flight heading to London.

Watch the video below;

reacting to the post;

undiscovered_zaddy: Dangote monopolised almost all the production/economic sectors in Nigeria, yet nobody tagged his Tribe. But Allen Onyema strived to do what the federal government couldn’t do by owning a local or international airline, yet we as Nigerians are ungrateful. Ethiopia is seen as a war zone country and aren’t as rich as Nigeria, yet they own and run a successful international airline. If you know the battles Allen Onyema fought to get the licence of running a flight from UK to Nigeria, you won’t tarnish his hardworking.

petite_enny:  Please do airpeace to Canada. Love this for Nigeria

_freeman_212:  DANGOTE should tell his cronies in govt to allow IBETO have his license back, if a bag of cement isn’t sold for 2000 naira again make I know wetin cause m… Igbo men and making things affordable and good for everybody is 5&6.

dear__toyosi:  Please we can’t wait for USA own… bring these people pride down😂.

jason_styles0: Make una allow Igbo man rule just two weeks Nigeria go better pass Dubai.

craft_dhilarious: We need an Igbo man in the cement industry.

pellenatty: See how the igbo race is helping the entire nation…free mazi nnamdi kanú and see what this country will turn into within 1yr..Am so proud of the igbo.

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