Bride shows off huge diamond ring on wedding day, mocks ex for saying no man would ever marry her

A beautiful bride flaunts her diamond wedding ring and gown while sending a taunting message to her ex, who said no guy would marry her.

The woman created a video of herself on her wedding day to deliver a message to her ex-boyfriend.

In the video, the lady flaunted her wedding ring and diamond-encrusted gown to irritate her ex.

She recalled how he told her she couldn’t be a wife to any guy, but his words were worthless now that she is about to marry someone.

The bride mockingly asked her ex whether he had found somebody to marry him because, last she knew, he was still unmarried.

Check out some of the reactions below

nkem_maurice_ wrote: “Sister you haven’t healed. I pray you heal”

justt_sophieee commented: “Talking about your ex on your wedding day is weird, it’s giving I miss him”

mzzsholz stated: “won’t even think about my ex on my wedding day, you don move on so abi you marry to spite him? Happy married life baby”

tanrosee said: “Why does it seem like he dodged a bullet??”

ephunaanya wrote: “All of you shouting she looks so unhealed e get shege person go show you con tell you say you will never find someone better at the point you find someone better you rub it in his face Omo me I can be this petty”

Watch video below …

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