Elon Musk to suspend all Twitter accounts involved in engagement farming

Elon Musk, the creator of the microblogging site X, has strongly cautioned users against the practice of engagement farming.

It has been revealed that many X users are farming in order to increase their revenue under the platform’s content creator monetization programme.

This pattern appears in the midst of the billionaire’s continuous attempts to stop the spread of phoney accounts and bots on X, the former name of Twitter.

Musk declared, “Any accounts doing engagement farming will be suspended and traced to source,” on X to make his position known.

What to know about Engagement Farming

The practice of looking for more interaction on social media sites is known as “engagement farming.”

By using this technique, users can increase their following, likes, comments, and retweets without necessarily contributing any insightful information. Increasing one’s internet presence is the main objective instead.

Influencers that associate with other content providers in groups frequently employ this strategy.

Members of these communities engage with one another in return by sharing, liking, and commenting on one other’s posts.

Creating the appearance of a highly engaged audience and tricking algorithms to make oneself more visible are the objectives.

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