Footballer suspended for confronting fans who called him ‘m*nkey’

In a recent Primera Federacion clash between Sestao River and Rayo Majadahonda, tensions flared as Rayo Majadahonda footballer Cheikh Sarr confronted racist abuse hurled at him by opposing fans.

The fallout from the incident has resulted in disciplinary measures for both clubs, with Sarr receiving a ban, Sestao River facing a fine, and Rayo Majadahonda enduring a points deduction, according to reports from Cadena Ser.

During the match, the footballer was subjected to vile racial slurs from fans behind the goal, including phrases like “you’re a fucking monkey” and “you fucking black shit.”

The situation escalated when the insults persisted after a goal, prompting Sarr to react and confront the perpetrators.

This reaction earned him a straight red card from the referee, leading his team to walk out of the pitch, resulting in a forfeit and subsequent points deduction for Rayo Majadahonda.

In response to the incident, the league has sanctioned Sestao River with a fine of 6,001 euros and mandated that their next two matches be played behind closed doors at their facilities.

Cheikh Sarr has been handed a two-game suspension for conduct contrary to good sporting order, along with an accompanying fine.

Additionally, Rayo Majadahonda has been penalized with a fine of 3,006 euros and a deduction of three points in their classification.

The league’s resolution highlighted the importance of players following proper protocols in such situations.

It stated that Sarr should have alerted the referee immediately, who could have then activated the Action Protocol on Public Incidents.

The statement emphasised that while players have the right to defend their dignity, they must do so within the confines of sports regulations and legal channels.

Part of the statement read thus: “It is evident that the footballer cannot take any unlawful initiative nor, as we have previously indicated, that of taking ‘justice into his own hands’ by grabbing a spectator by the scarf, at the risk, furthermore, of aggravating the possibilities of incidents lead to others of much greater significance, even putting their own physical integrity at risk.”

The statement continued: “It is literally stated by the Rayo Majadahonda club that the victims of such acts have the right to defend their dignity, but they forget to clarify that such defense of their dignity must be carried out without violating the applicable sports regulations, therefore following the appropriate legal channels and of course, ultimately, respecting the rule of law.”

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