“Give the child back to his mother”- Netizens continue to drag Chomzy and hubby as they share new video with step son

Chomzy, a BBNaija reality TV star, has sparked outrage online following a recent video she posted of herself, her husband, and her stepson.

Chomzy and her husband were once again dragged by netizens when she posted a video of them going out with their stepson.

Here are some reactions below.

@missjayu: “All this people giving hot takes about Chioma I hope y’all know the full story. If you don’t know the full story, you don’t have. I don’t know the full story that’s why I rather kept quiet. What if the baby’s mother has celebrated the child and we didn’t hear? Maybe this celebration here is for the father and Chioma had to be there to support her husband? What if?”

@mabel0455: “Let the child’s mother have access to her child. Nothing justifies that level of wickedness. People can continue to praise him because he has money but money without integrity is zero”

@russian_bred: “Karma will soon come for her”.

@mariansionu: “What exactly does he do for a living”.

Chomzy, a reality TV actress who got married a few months ago, celebrated her stepchild’s first birthday today.

Chomzy shared his images, writing:

To the bundle of joy who’s turning one, may your life be a never-ending adventure filled with love, laughter, and countless blessings. Happy birthday son❤️🌺

Chomzy also trended online after she was spotted playin the role of a mother to her stepson after it was alleged that her husband Figo forcefully collected the one-year son from the mother.

This didn’t go well with so many internet users, and they’ve been airing their views ever since the video surfaced online.

watch the video below;

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