“If I had to choose, I’ll rather give up my life than lose my virginity” — Nigerian lady spills

  • A Nigerian lady is revealing her unwavering decision to maintain her virginity, even if it means life or death.
  • A young lady shared her opinion on a podcast episode of Join the Cruise, which was later shared on their TikTok page, @jointhecruise.
  • She acknowledged that her commitment to her virginity is merely a matter of morals, and not a personal value she holds.

A Nigerian lady astounds many by sharing her unshakeable decision to keep her virginity even if it means the matter of life and death.

The young lady voiced her opinion during a podcast episode of Join the Cruise, and a portion was posted on their Tiktok page, @jointhecruise.

She claimed that keeping her virginity is just a matter of morals for her and not that she actually values the virginity.

In fact, she says that under the appropriate circumstances, she would probably give it up.

In a life-or-death situation, she would rather die than lose it.

Her reason is that the reality of life and death is insufficient motivation for her to give up her virginity.

She argues that whoever obtains her virginity in a life-or-death situation will have perpetual authority over her, something she does not want.

The remaining show participants were taken aback by her response and were quick to voice their astonishment.

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