Junior Pope: Ugezu J. Ugezu defends Nollywood, blames general system failure

  • Ugezu J. Ugezu, a renowned actor and filmmaker, has defended Nollywood following the death of late actor Junior Pope, highlighting the system’s shortcomings.
  • The filmmaker shared on Instagram that entertainers‘ deaths are often viral due to their public domicile, despite the fact that people from all professions die weekly.
  • The speaker believes that spiritualism should be removed from the system as it is a general system disaster, not just limited to Nollywood.

Renowned actor and filmmaker Ugezu J. Ugezu defends Nollywood following the death of late actor Junior Pope and criticises the general system.

Taking to Instagram, the filmmaker stated that people of various professions die every week, but celebrities are public figures, thus their deaths are always viral.

In his perspective, the time has come to remove spiritualism from clear system failure because it is a systemic calamity, not just in Nollywood.

Furthermore, he claimed that the government’s incapacity to function correctly enabled phoney pastors to prey on the naive.

His words: “If only you knew how many bankers who kpai every week…if only you knew how many police officers who kpai every month…if only you knew how many pastors/priests who kpai every month…if only we have a clear data on citizens that kpai monthly, we may settle down and understand the systematic destruction of the health sector. Entertainers are domiciled publicly and theirs go viral always. Time has come to expunge spiritualism from clear system failure. It is not just a Nollywood disaster like many allude. IT IS A GENERAL SYSTEM DISASTER.”

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