Lady cries bitterly after boyfriend of 6 years impregnates her best friend

A Nigerian lady is heartbroken to learn that her six-year serious boyfriend cheated on her and got her closest friend pregnant.

The lady who could not hold back the stream of tears explained the situation woefully.

Over the course of their more than six-year relationship, she let the young man to do as he pleased, according to her.

She claimed that over their more than six years of dating, she had given the man the freedom to do whatever he wants.

She was startled to learn that he was also having an affair with her closest friend and he even got her pregnant.

She claimed she herself was ready to get pregnant and be a baby mama to him but he refused, stating it wasn’t the right time for them and he wanted them to be legally married first.

She was shocked to learn that he had gotten her closest friend pregnant, and she was very hurt by the two people’s betrayal.

The lady said that she was truly in love with him and that she would even be happy to bear his child.

He will never find peace in his life, she cursed him, claiming he was so callous as to put her to such pain.

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