Lady narrates how a man broke up with girlfriend for always walking around n@ked in his house

  • A man ended his relationship with his girlfriend due to her love for naked house walking without clothes.
  • The lady’s friend expressed surprise at the reason for her breakup.
  • @maylynne_ shared a post asking internet users if their reason was valid enough.

Lady recounts how a man left his relationship with his girlfriend because she enjoyed going around naked in the house.

The lady’s friend expressed surprise at the cause for the separation.

Sharing the post on her Twitter account, @maylynne_, she asked internet users if his reasoning was valid.

The boyfriend became enraged because the lady was constantly walking about naked and cooking all of his meals.

She wrote;

“My friend’s man broke up with her because apparently she likes walking naked in the house and she even cooks for him in undies… Seriously is this a valid reason ”

Reacting to the post..

@Melo_Malebo asked: “Who raised her ? The house should be decent for people. Some people get too comfortable. There can be days to do that, not always.
It’s giving lack of morals and I personally wouldn’t be with someone like that. It’s weird.
Valid reason? Yes ! Tell her to be respect herself when she walks out”

@JideWestwood said: “This is where communication comes in, did they talk about this before and she didn’t reduce or stop it”

@phveektordrayne opined: “Baba was fasting, she was a distraction”

@OlufemiAshe wrote: “I go see some post com dey wonder if some men are mad or something”

@TJAMEZtm added: “If we live alone cool, but I knew a chick that would come out in her panties when her man had company over and she would be ass naked around the kids”

@NicoleKnightFTL commented: “No, it’s not a valid reason to break up, but I think we should be more mysterious”

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