Man, Heart Broken and In Severe Pains as Envious Neighbor Puts Sniper in His Catfish Pond

A Nigerian businessman is devastated and heartbroken as woke up to dead fishes in his catfish pond after his envious neighbour poisoned it with sniper.

He published the message on his Tiktok account, @lewizcares, where he complained about his sad situation.

Before the poisoning, he caught his neighbour selling some of his fish without his permission and confronted him, warning him not to do it again.

This appeared to irritate the neighbour, who began to berate the fish farmer before poisoning the catfish tank.

The fish farmer explained that he was caught by another person while poisoning the fish and has now been remanded in custody.

He had no other option but to pack out the fish from the pond and roast them while trusting God for a way out.

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