Man tenders apology to Mercy Chinwo, others over allegation of child’s paternity

A social media troll apologizes to gospel singer Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Pastor Blessed, following an accusation of child paternity involving Nathaniel Bassey.

Okoronkwo Ejike, a Facebook troll, posted a query about the paternity of the singer’s child, Charis, only hours after his parents revealed his face.

According to Ejike’s tweet, the infant closely resembled gospel musician Nathaniel Bassey. He also claimed that the infant belonged to Bassey and ruled out any other options.

He even alluded at the concept of a sexual involvement between the two gospel singers that may have resulted in the baby.

In his words, “This is the true face of Mercy Chinwo’s child she was hiding after giving birth. But the truth is that this little baby looks exactly like Singer Nathaniel Bassey.

“Nothing anybody wan reason me oh, this child is Nathaniel Bassey’s baby, just maybe there was a secret away match that occurred, otherwise how can we make empirical sense of this.”

The message soon gained popularity and drew significant condemnation from online users. As a result, Ejike felt obligated to apologize for his comments.

In his subsequent apologies post, he wrote: “I hereby tender an unreserved apology to Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and Pastor Blessed for my take on the striking resemblance of Pastor Blessed’s baby.

“And to everyone who got hurt over my post, I’m deeply very sorry. Love and light for Cosmic positive vibrations, Shalom.”

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