Mauricio Pochettino defends Conor Gallagher amid ‘kid snub’ controversy

Chelsea Football Club manager Mauricio Pochettino has come out in staunch support of midfielder Conor Gallagher following a storm of criticism surrounding an alleged snub of a black kid before a recent Premier League match against Burnley.

The incident, captured on video, purportedly shows Gallagher neglecting a young kid’s high-five gesture in the tunnel before Saturday’s clash against Burnley, sparking a wave of condemnation on social media platforms.

Expressing his dismay over the situation, Pochettino fervently backed Gallagher, emphasising that there was no malicious intent behind the player’s actions.

“It has upset me so much because no one wants to do something like this, with this intention,” stated Pochettino in a report by the Sun.

Pochettino further defended Gallagher, pointing out the player’s positive interactions with mascots on numerous occasions.

He highlighted Gallagher’s involvement in photos, videos, and photography sessions with mascots, suggesting that the alleged snub may have been an unintentional oversight amid the focus on game preparations.

The Chelsea boss condemned the rampant abuse directed at Gallagher on social media, calling for an end to such behavior.

“People always try to find things to create a mess and to abuse people. I know Conor. There is no intention. Conor is a great kid, always caring about everything,” Pochettino asserted.

Expressing his disdain for online abuse, Pochettino pleaded for an end to such behavior, hailing Gallagher’s character and asserting that he did not deserve the abuse he was receiving.

“Who believes Conor wanted to ignore a mascot? Come on. “It makes me sad because Conor doesn’t deserve to be abused. No one deserves to be abused but him. Come on.”  Pochettino remarked in defence of his player.

Meanwhile, in response to the controversy, Chelsea issued a public statement supporting Gallagher, reaffirming their solidarity with the player, who has been with the club for 16 years.

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