Nigeria working with Interpol to extradite Binance executive who escaped from Custody

The Nigerian government is reportedly working with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) with the goal of extraditing a Binance executive that escaped from custody in the country in the ongoing row between the Crypto exchange platform and Nigerian authorities.

According to Decrypt, Nigeria’s Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is “partnering” with INTERPOL, the FBI and the British and Kenyan governments to secure Anjarwalla arrest and extradition.

Nadeem Anjarwalla escaped from detention in Nigeria where him and another Binance colleague were been held by Nigerian authorities on suspicion of Binance engaging in Money laundering schemes in the country.

An unnamed source stressed that the extradition of Nadeem is aimed at bringing him back to the country to face a Nigerian court where they will be charged with money laundering.

Another government source described Nadeem as a fugitive who escaped lawful custody and would be arraigned on Thursday this week alongside his colleague Tigran Gambaryan, the exchange’s Head of Financial Crime Compliance.

No charges were initially brought on the two Binance executives during their initial 14 days detention before it was extended after a court order.

Nadeem Anjarwalla was able to escape custody on March 22 after guards took him to a nearby mosque for Ramadan prayers.

The executive, who holds dual British and Kenyan citizenship, had surrendered his British passport but is believed to have used his Kenyan passport to board a “Middle East airliner.”

The Binance executives are due to be tried by the Federal High court in Abuja on Thursday with Nadeem Anjarwalla to be tried in absentia.

What to Know 

  • The EFCC on March 28th charged Binance Holdings Limited, Anjarwalla and Gambaryan with money laundering to the tune of $35,400,000. They also asked to get information on the exchange’s top 100 users.
  • Tigran Gambaryan, the remaining Binance executive has sued the Nigerian government for violating his fundamental human right claiming the seizure of his passport is against the country’s constitution.
  • The Binance executives were detained on February 28 after they were invited to the country as part of the effort by Nigerian authorities to address the free fall of its local currency against the dollar.

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