Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi and her ordeal in UK

Popular dancer and content creator Korra Obidi, alias Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, is still in the process of getting over the shock she suffered after being attacked with a knife and acid in the UK.

The dancer claims that during the week, the attack happened as she was participating in a live stream.

Obidi cried out in agony, “My face is burning. Please give me some coke to wash it.”

Later on in the video, she could be seen desperately cleaning her face with a Coca-Cola soft drink, probably to relieve the searing sensation caused by the acid.

Later on in the video, there were two uniformed officers. One of them said, “This will help to reduce the pain,” while putting a liquid solution on the dancer’s face.

The second cop administered first aid by spraying her back at the same moment.

Obidi pleaded with the public to share any information that would help apprehend the person responsible for the conduct in the description that accompanied the video.

Obidi described her assailant as a five-foot-tall ebony female.

She emphasised that she had previously been the recipient of offensive comments and that the physical attack had served as a wake-up call for her.

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