Nigerian lady praises Reverend Father as he shoots a gun during service

A Nigerian lady has sparked reactions online after posting a video of her Reverend Father firing a gun during a church service.

The Reverend Father took a huge rifle, walked into a small room, and fired it while still on the pulpit. As she danced to the music, the lady capturing the video lavished him with compliments.

Netizens requested his immediate arrest for illegally possessing firearms and shooting at a congregation.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post..

@Oje4gunners said: “They should arrest him for illegal possession of fire arm and shooting among congregation”

@Emma_SME said: “Na so you use your hand send una Rev Father to jail”

@Ayous Momento said: “It has gotten to this stage where you go to church with shakabula, never be caught unaware. Lose guard lose your life, no sleeping on a bicycle.! Aijafara lewu”

@Jaylong Sleam said: “@PoliceNG @Princemoye1 @BenHundeyin we need your attention about this video”

@Sister Ogoo asked: “Is everything okay?”

@JideWestwood wrote: “Hope he has a gun permit for that, if not. Na big issue as this video to come out”

@Enoch said: “Make dem Dey praise am Dey go, if dem carry am now, story go change.”

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