“Pregnancy Really Looked Good on Her” – Reactions as Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s Girlfriend, Stirs Pregnancy Rumour

Congratulations come in for prominent artist Paul Okoye and his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, following a video that prompted pregnancy rumours.

Following a widely distributed video of Rude Boy’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, netizens have commented on her apparent expanding stomach.

In the video, Ivy Ifeoma enthusiastically danced and sang to a tune. However, many netizens were drawn to her large tummy.

Many netizens believed that she was pregnant, while others argued that it was merely a result of overeating.

Some people also pointed out her frequent online posts whenever Rude Boy reconnects with his ex-wife, notably after Paul reunited with Anita for their son’s birthday.

Watch the video below …

Reacting to the post:

Ally Omy said: “Maybe the problem is my eyes, cause am seeing something.”

Gwenny wrote: “Congratulations darling wishing you safe delivery.”

ibirifavour said: “Ahhh the girl done carry last last congrats dear.”

Sarah added: “We don’t want to hear after giving birth he has left me. U are young and had a bright future ahead. I’m sad.”

Niffie said: “Are you seeing it too? Abi nah only me see am.”

Ahnitaa_e wrote: “Congratulations again oh, safe delivery.”

Globeapartments added: “Baby bump Congratulations girl.”

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