RFK Jr. announces first event with VP pick

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, are set to hold their first event together in two weeks, the campaign confirmed to The Hill.

The virtual event, titled “Kennedy-Shanahan Vision for Healthy People, Healthy Planet,” is slated to take place on April 22. The duo will be joined by three other panelists, including authors Vandana Shiva and Charles Eisenstein, along with environmental activist and non-profit director Ryland Engelhart. 

“They will explore how they will safeguard our water, air, soil, and the natural world, and why protecting the environment is essential to protecting the health of Americans,” according to the event description.

Kennedy selected Shanahan to join his ticket late last month, but the Silicon Valley attorney has not participated in his campaign events thus far.

She has been active on social media, sharing some of her views on health care and immigration. She also shared a recent podcast appearance

Shanahan visited the southern border in Yuma, Ariz., last week, posting a video on social media platform X

“I’ll be honest: I didn’t understand the gravity of the crisis at the border until today when I sat with NGO leaders who are on the front lines in Yuma Arizona,” she wrote. “This is a human trafficking crisis impacting the lives of millions. The good people of Yuma are shouldering the costs.” 

“This should not be a political issue because maintaining a border is a fundamental duty of a sovereign nation,” Shanahan continued. “Doesn’t matter what your political party is — this is your job if you’re in government.”

American Values 2024, the super PAC backing Kennedy’s bid, said they hope to feature both the independent candidate and Shanahan at events starting in May. The group already hosted Kennedy last week for two fundraisers in Florida, PAC head Tony Lyons told The Hill Wednesday. 

Combined with the California fundraiser that occurred right after Shanahan was picked to run as vice president, the outside group has raised $2.7 million across the three events, Lyons said. 

The outside group’s next fundraiser will be in Dallas, where around 25 donors are expected to attend. It is also expected to release a 30-minute ad in the next two weeks, he told The Hill. 

“Telling the whole Bobby Kennedy story to people who don’t know it,” Lyons added.

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