“She’s Now a Celebrity”- Recent Video Shows NOUN Law Graduate Anyim Veronica Addressing Netizens

Anyim Veronica Nnenna has invited social media fans and friends to join her for a weekend getaway at Portland Resorts Hotel.

Azubuike Ihemeje, the chairman of the Port Harcourt-based resort, revealed this in a recent video posted on Facebook.

In the video, she identified herself by the contentious episode that catapulted her into the spotlight and informed netizens that she will be in Port Harcourt over the weekend.

The policewoman looked wonderful in her excellent clothing. Azubuike had previously promised Veronica an all-expense-paid holiday to his resort. Veronica’s latest video, however, elicited mixed reviews on social media.

On why he picked interest in Veronica, Azubuike sanid: “I stumbled across her story online and felt deeply sympathetic about what she’s been through in life and decided to make that offer.

“I’m not against the pastor per se but I’m just sympathetic to the woman’s circumstances in life.”

Reactions to Anyim Veronica’s new video

Vincent Ihesinulo said: “With due respect, is it not safer for this new celebrity “lawyer” made in Dunamis to advocate for us henceforth in pidgin English? Because I’m very sure that pidgin is immune to “stage fright”.”

Obirinuchim Ihunwo Owunda said: “EL-ROI! works in mysterious ways. Grace at work. I am sure you will not forget your experience at my Golden Portland in a hurry. God bless you richly sir Azubuike Ihemeje as you lift others, may God continue to make you and your family great.”

Chris Ikebuluwa Goody said: “Pls someone should come and embarrass me. “I won’t forget the person when I start getting healings from Sir Azubuike Ihemeje.”

Ogbu Noni Emmanuel said: “Las Las she’s now a celebrity as she has sent her confirmation video! “Oluwa noni.”

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