“That Man Never Post His Wedding” – Anita Brown reacts to reports of Davido’s alleged cheating scandal

  • Anita Brown reacts to reports of his new cheating scandal with another alleged side chic, claims many do not know he is married in the US.
  • Afrobeats singer accused of another cheating scandal after a photo of him and a lady was leaked online.
  • Anita Brown has resurfaced as the person who leaked the video claims she wasn’t in the photo, causing controversy.

Anita Brown, Davido’s claimed ex-American side chic, responds to claims of his latest cheating scandal with another purported side chic, claiming that many people are unaware he is married in the United States.

According to online reports, the Afrobeats musician was entangled in another cheating incident after an intimate photo of him and a woman was unintentionally published online.

While the woman who shared the video has stated that she is not the one in the shot, Anita Brown has joined the fight to once again drag Davido.

Anita Brown asserted that, contrary to belief, Davido is not well-known in the United States. She added that he doesn’t post his wife and children properly enough to make it known that he is married.

She also blasts Chioma of never posting on her Instagram page, claiming that she uses a phoney account to share videos to make it appear as if they are being caught by others.

She wrote …

“Y’all Gotta Stop Acting Like Everybody Knows That Man Is Married. It’s So Many People In America Never Heard Of Him Until His Recent Album Or Because Of Drama. He Don’t Even Post His Wife. Celebs Like Clout, Why That Man Never Post His Wedding & His New Babies Or Post His Wife Enough For It To Be KNOWN. Y’all Gotta Stop Coming
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ENOUGH! THE POPULARITY IS NOT AS STRONG IN THE USA. Y’all Gotta Chill Every Girl Attached To That Guy Y’all Try To Come For. Weirdo Couples, Don’t Post On Her Real Page But On Another Page, To Make It Seem People Are Interested. Those Videos Are Getting Caught By Others. WEIRDOS! Every Girl Doesn’t Dig Into Every Guy Before They Deal With Them. THE MOST WE LOOKING UP IS THAT NETWORTH! KILL THE WIFE NARRATIVE!!”

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