The Significant Aspect Of Citizens Recognition -By Khadija Isyaku

The National Identity of a person from a multidimensional personality especially in Nigeria where there are many cultural diversity is of paramount importance for an individual to implore himself in Registering with the National Identity Management Commission ( N.I.M.C) in other to obtain his or her National Identification Number (NIN) for the sole purpose of Identity, if not for it tremendous advantages and Benefits.

The indigence of Nigeria are facing a lot of Challenges and difficulties in their (Our)National dealings ,such as Applying for Visa to Travel be it for Business, Leisure , Studies on Scholarship and Online purchase (Buying) due to an Error in their NIN details for those that have Registered before Now and for those that are yet to Register am urging them to check and cross check all the required details by the National Identity Management Commission before going to Register for their own NIN to avoid any means of corrections in an urgent application of any sort.

Furthermore, According to National Identity Management Commission, rhe newly develop system of Single Card and General Multipurpose Card (G.M.P.C)which the Federal Government of Nigeria Announced of recent.

The Card,”The single Card with G.M.P.C have multiple use case’s as Payment/Financial, Government Intervention/Service’s, Travel’s e.t.c
And The Card is working with Central Bank Of Nigeria and The Nigerian Interbank Settlement System to deliver the payment’s and Financial Use case’s , and Will be powered by the AFRIGO Cars Scheme, An Indigenous Scheme powered by NIBSS “.

The need for a Nigerian to be recognized by a fellow Nigerian is through it indigenous Dialect,Tribal mark or a Valid means of National Identity Card display for others to acknowledge his or her Ethnic background.

The Valid means of identification is a matter of utmost significance in such a way that one can not Travel within Nigeria without being asked to show a valid means of identification , talk more of trying to acquire a plot of Land in Neighboring State.

Writes from a Student of Mass Communication Department Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi State.
And can also be reached via E-mail

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