UAE’s Travel & Tourism sector to expand, creating 23,500 jobs this year

The travel and tourism industry’s impact on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy is set to expand, with an addition of 23,500 jobs this year, raising the total employment figure to 833,000 by 2024.

This was reported by Julia Simpson, president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Simpson forecasted that by 2034, the Emirates’ travel and tourism sector will employ 928,000 people, with one in nine residents working within the industry. This signifies the creation of about 95,000 new jobs from 2024 to 2034. Additionally, the sector’s economic contribution to the UAE is projected to increase to Dh275 billion by 2024 and will contribute 12 to the UAE’s GDP, amounting to Dh236 billion.

According to her, spending by international visitors in the UAE is expected to surge by nearly 10 %, reaching Dh192 billion, while expenditure by domestic visitors is predicted to rise by 4.3 %, approaching Dh58 billion.

  • There is a massive investment that the UAE government has been focusing on the travel and tourism sector. And it is really interesting the way UAE has not just maintained its position as a strong tourism destination, but it is actually beating all markets,” she said.
  • What she said

  • “The UAE’s travel and tourism sector has not only recovered; it soared to new heights, establishing itself as a cornerstone of the nation’s economic landscape.
  • “The remarkable growth in both employment and visitor spending is a testament to the UAE’s strategic vision and commitment to enhancing its Travel and Tourism.
  • “As the sector continues to set benchmarks for the global travel industry, it underscores the importance of sustainable and inclusive strategies in driving prosperity,” said Julia Simpson, president and CEO of WTTC.
  • The growth of the Tourism sector in the UAE

The international organization highlighted that the UAE’s travel and tourism sector has eclipsed all previous benchmarks, illustrating the nation’s dedication to drawing global tourists to places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah.

  • The 2024 Economic Impact Research (EIR) report by WTTC reveals a surge in employment within the UAE’s travel and tourism sector, with an increase of 41,000 jobs in 2023, totaling over 809,000 and accounting for one in nine jobs nationally.
  • The sector expanded by 26% to a record Dh220 billion contribution to the UAE’s GDP, representing 11.7 % of the total economy. This growth surpassed the last peak achieved in 2019 by nearly 15 %, emphasizing its crucial role in the country’s economic structure.
  • Domestic visitor spending, having fully rebounded in 2022, continued its upward trend last year, reaching over Dh55.5 billion—a nearly 40% increase from 2019 levels.
  • According to WTTC figures, the Middle Eastern travel and tourism sector grew by more than 25% in 2023 to reach almost $460 billion. Jobs reached nearly 7.75 million and international spending grew by 50 % to reach $179.8 billion. Domestic visitor spending grew by 16.5 % to reach more than $205 billion.
  • WTTC is forecasting that Travel & Tourism across the region will continue to grow throughout 2024 with the GDP contribution set to reach $507 billion. Jobs are forecast to reach 8.3 million, international visitor spending is forecast to reach $198 billion and domestic visitor spending is expected to reach more than $224 billion.
  • What this means for Nigerians

For Nigerians seeking job opportunities in the UAE, the rapid growth and expansion of the travel and tourism sector in the UAE present significant prospects.

  • With the sector poised to add 23,500 jobs in 2024 alone and an estimated 95,000 new jobs by 2034, there is a considerable steady demand for a range of skills and professions related to tourism and hospitality.
  • The industry’s demand for a skilled workforce is likely to include a variety of roles—from customer service and hotel management to tour operations and event management.
  • Moreover, the strategic emphasis on making the UAE a top global tourist destination suggests ongoing investment in infrastructure and services, potentially opening doors for international job seekers with various skill sets, including those from Nigeria.
  • Additionally, the UAE’s focus on sustainable and inclusive growth within tourism could mean more emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusiveness, possibly enhancing job accessibility for international candidates.

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