Why I have been silent about Junior Pope, crew members’ death – Nancy Isime reveals

Nancy Isime, a Nigerian actress and media figure, has explained why she did not share photos of her colleague Junior Pope and other crew members who perished in a boat tragedy.

Junior Pope died on the night of April 10 after many resuscitation attempts failed. The actor, together with make-up artist Abigail Frederick and the production team, drowned in the Anam River on their way back from the set of Another Side of Life, a film produced by Adanma Luke.

Nancy, who had been mute about the Nollywood tragedy, responded to the shocking event on Tuesday on Instagram. She stated that she had recorded with one of the victims but that she would not share their pictures because it is against her policy to announce people’s tragedies.

Nancy Isime also prayed for the families of the deceased that they be strengthened despite their loss.

She wrote:

“Phew! Last week was tough mehn! The tragedy that hit Nollywood was something I couldn’t even imagine! Felt like a horror movie script.

“Hit me a little hard because I had filmed with one of the victims not too long ago. Pardon me but I won’t be calling names, going into details or posting pictures. If you don’t know about the disaster, good for you. Trust me!

“It’s SO Sad! I however have a policy to not announce people’s tragedies. It’s not my place. Especially if I barely talked about their Victories. They have families who deserve the right to tell the story how they please, if and how they want to.”

In another post, Nancy Isime added:

“Praying that God wraps his arms around their families. SO tight! So tight that they feel a kind of peace that they can’t even explain. I lost my mum donkey years ago and it still hurts like she just left the house yesterday, I know asking God to take away the pain is a Lie.

“My prayer is that God helps them deal with their pain a way that it doesn’t get in the way of their daily lives, and that he preserves their mental health, their hearts and their spirit. May He give them some kind of closure.”

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