“Why I quit scamming people” – Yahoo boy reveals message sent by his female client that changed him

  • A Yahoo boy has shared his reasons for stopping online scams on his TikTok page.
  • @alpha_male471 announced his decision on social media and urged online users to pray for him.
  • A young man shared conversations with a defrauded female client, who shared about losing her daughter after investing in a fraudulent website.

A Yahoo boy took to TikTok to explain why he chose to quit scamming people online.

After declaring his decision on social media, @alpha_male471 begged followers to pray for him.

He revealed the chats he had with the female client he had defrauded. According to the young man, his female client told him that she lost her daughter after investing in a fraudulent website that the young fraudster had introduced her to.

According to the message she provided, the woman indicated that she needed enough money to pay her daughter’s expenses and thus invested the little money she had before being scammed by the young man, resulting in her daughter’s death.

The Yahoo boy eventually told her the truth and apologised for everything.

@alpha_male471 admitted that the victims of Yahoo Boys’ internet fraud had suffered.

He captioned the messages from the female client: “Dear believer, pray for me”.

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